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Looking for outpatient therapy in the Daytona Beach area?  Debra Brandt, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker offers  counseling in Ormond Beach.  If you are in crisis or just feeling overwhelmed, Debra Brandt will interact with you, listening, learning, teaching, and working with you to make the life changes needed in order to find your peace.  Whether you have recently gone through a traumatic loss or life change, or are dealing with stress at work or home, with Debra Brandt's expertise, talk therapy can help you feel not so alone.

Debra Brandt is a solution-focused therapist who, with you as the director, will help you define what you want to change in your life and what you want to achieve from therapy. Although the past is important as a learning tool, together we will focus on the present and the future.

If you do the same thing over and over again you will get the same results. Debra Brandt will teach you the skills to respond differently. She will guide you to change your behavior and thought process. She will guide you through the process of therapy. Call today to learn more about Ormond Beach counseling services.

Individual, marriage and family counseling in the greater Daytona Beach area including Daytona, Ormond, Holly Hill, Palm Coast and Port Orange.​  We are located in Ormond Beach, FL

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There are many reasons people seek counseling:

Are you stressed out because of work, home, or life related issues?​
Having marital, family, or other relationship conflicts?  
Do you need counseling to help you manage depression and/or anxiety?
Do you need counseling to help you adjust to separation or divorce?
Thinking about couples counseling?  Or pre-marriage counseling?
Do you need counseling because you are experiencing a loss or death of a loved one?
Need life or relationship coaching?

Visiting a counselor can help!