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Marriage Therapist Ormond Beach
Marriage counseling is a specialty.  It is a counseling service that is designed to assist couples who have committed to one another.  In order for marriage counseling to be successful, it important that the couple be commited to the counseling process.  The couple needs to be ready to look at problems occurring in the relationship with new insight. This can sometimes be very frustrating.

When a couple is considering breaking up the marriage, the therapist's office offers a safe and objective place to figure things out.  As emotions become intense, objectivity provides a necessary counterbalance.  And becomes very helpful to look at things from a rational perspective.  If you are thinking about breaking up, we encourage you to consider marriage counseling.  Riding the emotional roller coaster of pain and anger doesn't have to be toxic.  

Finding out that you have been cheated on is devasting to say the least.  For many, discovering an act of infidelity or even emotional affairs can lead to the collapse of the relationship. This automatically places the relationship into crisis mode. If there is any thing positive that can be identified about the discovery of infidelity, it is simply this crisis is the point in time when change is most likely to occur. Rebuilding trust and repairing damage after a discovery of cheating is possible.  However, the process takes commitment, honest communication and, of course, time and patience.

Pre-marital preparation is perhaps one of the most important decisions that you and your fiancee, as a couple, will ever make before your marriage.  We offer concrete practical, issues that all couples should explore prior to marriage.

Marriage Therapy is generally not a long process.  Once the change process moves forward and the couple adjusts and understands the work needs to continue on the home front, therapy ends.  We do recommend coming back for check-ups from time to time.

Family Therapist Ormond Beach
​Family therapy is a type of counseling that brings all the family members willing to attend into therapy.  Family therapy is useful in any family situation that is struggling with conflict. Being in a safe environment can guide you and your family members to understand each other better and hopefully, bring you closer together.  Whether your family needs counseling on specific issues or needs guidance navigating through family dynamics, a family therapists can help open up more functional communication. Just like marriage therapy, unless all family members are committed to change it will be hard to decrease the conflict in the system.  The purpose of family therapy is to nurture change and development.  Most importantly, family relations is an important factor in our emotional health.

The parent-child conflict or sibling fighting brings the family to family therapy.  This type of therapy would consist of working on coummunication and learning to hear the other person without reacting.  Compromise and bargaining would be a part of this therapy as well.

Sometimes changes and having to make adjustments upsets the balance of the family.  This may be bringing in a step-family or even an aging parent into the household. Dealing with a death of a family member, or ever a sick member of the family, whether physical or psychological tends to upset the balance of the family.  In separation or divorce, the family dynamics change. Not only is the family feeling the loss, they also have other adjustments they are dealing with.  This family has to set new family rules.  So the key word is balance.  The family needs to find a balance.  When there is a change, the family members react or act out, as they to adjust to the new family dynamics. Sometimes it is difficult to stabilize the family without the help of a non-judgememental specialist. 

Mental Health and Individual Counseling Ormond Beach
Basically, individual counseling is a collaborative effort between patient and therapist.  The goal is to provide an open and supportive environment where you will feel comfortable talking about feelings, thoughts and behaviors.  We will be addressing your issues of concern.  A big part of individual therapy is setting goals and discussing how these goals are going to be reached. The therapist will guide you to learn new strategies in order to reach your goals.  This may include changing patterns of thinking, changing behaviors, learning new skills, or shifting the way you express your emotions.  To summarize, individual counseling is about you and helping you change what is not working for you.

Individual counseling can be a short term to long term process. Most therapies are not long term.   Watch our video at the top of this page to help give you an understanding of the therapy process.

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