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Is Social Media Harmful to Teens?

by Debra Brandt on 05/27/17

There have been articles about the harm of social media on our kids.  We have heard teens committing suicide, depression, anxiety, fears have all been given credit due to social media.  Are our kids living in reality?  Or are they missing out on skills they are going to need to be a successful adult?

Were is the money for more mental health?

by Debra Brandt on 02/14/16

I haven't seen any extra money for mental health.  But if that promise every comes through I think a good place to spend it would be hiring enough full time counselors in the school system to offer all kids free counseling.  I would also like these counselors to be mentors to these kids.  Because I, as a mental health counselor, know that kids do not open up and the teacher, who probably has a better idea who may need this service, should be a good referral source.  But because we want no kid left behind, we want all kids to seek counseling and mentorship from a licensed counselor.  

Teaching the kids about bullying in the school that goes undetected would be recognized and dealt with and building self-esteem  should be a big part of this program as well.

I know we have enormous drug abuse issues but I would like to see all this part of the mental health counselors in the schools...elementary - high schools.

I love Valentine's Day!

by Debra Brandt on 02/12/16

I love Valentine's Day.  It is the time of year to kindle or rekindle love.  What an opportunity!  Couples, don't blow it.

 I enjoy waiting to see where my partner will take me for dinner.  The most memorable was when he blindfolded me and took me to a romantic Italian place I had never been to.  He took me inside the place and then took off my blindfold.  I found this a lot of fun and very romantic for someone who isn't romantic.  Can't wait to see what he does this year.  Below are some more suggestions:

Communication #1 Issue in Couples Conflict

by Debra Brandt on 02/12/16

If there is conflict in your relationship, poor communication is the primary issue. Most of the time in investigating the couples communication pattern, the partners will complain that they are not listened to or heard.  A lot of times I will hear from one or both of the partners that they don't even try to communicate anymore.  It is like why bother, "I'm not going to be heard and all I do is get angry and frustrated so I have learned to pick my battles or shut up."  I hear this more times than not.

What is wrong with the above?  

Marijuana Users Have Poorer Verbal Memory

by Debra Brandt on 02/10/16

Besides the fact that pot is one of the most non-motivating drugs, researchers are looking at memory issues as well.  The research tested 13 y.o. I. Q. and followed them until the 30's and tested them again and found the I.Q. had lowered.  More teenagers use pot than cigarettes because they feel there is less harm with marijuana.

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