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Communication #1 Issue in Couples Conflict

by Debra Brandt on 02/12/16

If there is conflict in your relationship, poor communication is the primary issue. Most of the time in investigating the couples communication pattern, the partners will complain that they are not listened to or heard.  A lot of times I will hear from one or both of the partners that they don't even try to communicate anymore.  It is like why bother, "I'm not going to be heard and all I do is get angry and frustrated so I have learned to pick my battles or shut up."  I hear this more times than not.

What is wrong with the above?  
Moving on...something I am noticing lately is my man seems to be more critical than usual.  He criticized me the way I cut an onion the other day.  And he has practically taken over all the cooking  because I don't spice things as well as he does.  Of course my philosophy has been, please go ahead and do it then.  Wish this would work on the house work.  He never criticizes that!  So, he has taken over the kitchen and does his own I need to start working on him taking over the housework.  Any suggestions?

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