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Were is the money for more mental health?

by Debra Brandt on 02/14/16

I haven't seen any extra money for mental health.  But if that promise every comes through I think a good place to spend it would be hiring enough full time counselors in the school system to offer all kids free counseling.  I would also like these counselors to be mentors to these kids.  Because I, as a mental health counselor, know that kids do not open up and the teacher, who probably has a better idea who may need this service, should be a good referral source.  But because we want no kid left behind, we want all kids to seek counseling and mentorship from a licensed counselor.  

Teaching the kids about bullying in the school that goes undetected would be recognized and dealt with and building self-esteem  should be a big part of this program as well.

I know we have enormous drug abuse issues but I would like to see all this part of the mental health counselors in the schools...elementary - high schools.

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