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Our primary focus areas are:

  • Anger                                              
  • Anxiety
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Divorce Adjustment and Separation
  • Family Therapy
  • Grief or Loss
  • Mental Health Counseling


  • Parenting and Step-parenting
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Pre-marriage Preparation
  • Stress at Work
  • Stress at Home
  • Teen Depression
  • Trust Issues
  • Unhappiness

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Marriage Therapist - Daytona Beach

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Marriage Therapy always works if both partners are committed and both are willing to make changes.  But if you are going into counseling blaming the other person and do not admit your part in the dysfunction, then you have already sabotaged the process of the therapeutic relationship.  Both individuals being open to change will save and enhance your relationship.

Couples attend therapy because something in the relationship is not working. 
Counseling teaches the couple the skills to make the relationship work.  The goal is to get the couple on the same page and listen to where the other person is coming from.
Listening and not reacting is probably the hardest skill to learn.
Family therapy involves other members of the family and not just the couple.  Like couples therapy, the system (the family) is upset.  There has been some change in the system and the family is trying to adjust.  

The most common issues are children acting out.  And this brings the family to therapy. 
Or divorce upsets the system.  We may see the child only or the parents only or even continue to see the entire family.  

We see a lot of parents who are inconsistent.  We work on the parenting skills.  I use to say, that the moment my kids hit adolescence, I no longer had parenting skills.  I had to learn new ones.
Depression and Anxiety are manageable.  And counseling can help.