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Marriage Counseling in Ormond Beach

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Couples counseling in Ormond Beach
We're committed to helping you.

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Does marriage or couples therapy work?  
Marriage therapy always works if both individuals are committed and both are willing to make changes.  But if you are going to go into counseling blaming the other person and you do not admit your part in the dysfunction, then you have already sabotaged the process of the therapeutic relationship. Both individuals being open to change will save and enhance your relationship.

Marriage and Family Therapy in Ormond Beach takes an educational approach.  Couples attend therapy because something in the relationship is not working.  Counseling teaches the couple the skills to make the relationship work.  Counseling teaches the couple to work together as partners and  to be on the same page.  A side effect of couples counseling is the enhancement of  the relationship.

How many sessions do we need?
How many sessions a couple may need is hard to say. Some cases may need to go more in-depth than other cases.  

What are the biggest issues you deal with?
Hands down, communication is the number one issue.  The primary issue in communication is listening to your partner.  We are too busy reacting that we are not good listeners.  We were never taught listening skills.  In couples therapy, this will be part of the education...teaching listening skills.  We, as a couple, speak different languages.  Another part of communication is to teach the couple to be respectful of the others' language.

Does insurance pay for Ormond Beach Marriage Counseling?
Contact your insurance company on this question.  The majority of insurance companies do not consider marriage therapy as medically necessary and will not cover this service.  

If your place of employment offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) this benefit will cover couples counseling. Contact your HR department to inquire.

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