What is Telehealth therapy?
Is Telehealth therapy HIPAA approved?
How does telehealth therapy address mental health needs?
What do I need to do to become a patient?
Who would benefit most from Telehealth therapy?
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A new option for  talk-therapy
These are some of the questions I would like to answer in the following video.

If you are at risk of harming yourself, you are not a candidate for telehealth therapy.  But you are a candidate for in the physical office for talk-therapy.


__1. Read and sign Self Pay (only if not using insurance or insurance does not cover the service).

__2. Insurance question list.
__3.  Fill out the 3 page Intake and Informed Consent Form.
__4.  Read the HIPAA update.
__5.  Sign the HIPAA receipt. .

__6.  OPTIONAL.  If you want information faxed to your primary care physician or psychiatrist fill out the PCP form.

__7. Include a copy of your Drivers License and Insurance Card (front and back).

  1.  Finish the check-off list..​

  2. ​ 

  3.  We will forward you an email address​​ where you will email your paperwork directly to our secure fax line.
      (Please be aware, if the paperwork is incomplete or we assess you are not a candidate for virtual therapy, we 
      we will notify you,)

  Once all paperwork is completed, you will be sent an invitation via email to join our network.  You will be instructed to set 
  your own account and will be able to schedule your own appointments.

The Paper Trail                              (Checklist to be completed before we can begin.)
       1                               2                               3                               4                             5                             6

          ***Starting September 1, 2017 we will offer this service for Magellan EAP and self-pay!***

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